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Please read these four important steps before creating your profile: 1. Your MASTER PERSONA NAME should NEVER BE YOUR REAL NAME. Rather, your MASTER PERSONA should be your preferred CosMos identity, which will display on your profile and will govern all of your future ALTER EGOS and FAN PAGES. 2. Please also know that in choosing your MASTER PERSONA, you must be aware and respectful of the rights of copyright holders and their legal right to post and occupy certain names and titles in their original forms. So be creative when setting up your persona, so that you are not later made to give up a certain name title to the rightful owner if they decide to claim it. Example: If you choose the name BATMAN, you will likely lose it when the owners of the character claim it as an official master persona. So please be creative ahead of time, employing alternate spellings, adding numbers, words or creating mash-ups! 3. Your USER NAME should be your real name (no spaces). This is required for internal CosMos security data and url routing, but is not displayed on your page. 4. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Please remember that CosMos is a place to have fun and celebrate fiction and pop culture as your own cosplay or online avatar identity. This is not a place for politics or the unrelenting real-life noise of FB. CosMos is the world’s first escapist social media platform. It’s a place where our favorite characters and universes OF ALL MEDIUMS AND GENRES live in one amazing place alongside our own chosen or invented, fictional and fantasy personas. So please, above all else, keep it fun! (This, however, does not mean you can’t argue about awesome nerd stuff—go for it! :)