November 21, 2020


CosMos is a community where people who love, fandom and fiction can enjoy a fun and escapist alternate reality in the form of social media. And so we ask respectfully but very sternly that all users please abide by our community standards. Not doing so may result in the removal of your account and/or content at the sole discretion of the CosMos Social Media staff-

1. INCLUSIVITY: The CosMos community is diverse and emphatically inclusive to all people and social/cultural groups of all types, period. We do not “tolerate” people here on CosMos, we simply and fully accept all people as the people they are, or have chosen to be. We do not allow discrimination, non-inclusion or cultural demeaning in any form, for any reason or against any user or group. If you preach, practice or promote non-inclusion or any form of discrimination on CosMos you WILL be removed at the discretion of the CosMos Social Media staff.

2. APPROPRIATE CONTENT: Content which is appropriate for the CosMos motif is broad. This platform celebrates, fandom, fiction, television, film, literary, time period, original creations, cosplay personas, video games and much more. It is meant to be a vast celebration of the entertainment we love and the wonders we are inspired to create. CosMos is not the place to share your vacation videos or pics of the new car you bought (unless you vacationed in Gotham and bought a Batmobile) So feel free to post your favorite nerd topics, discussions and pics via fan or persona pages, share events andnews stories, but please keep it in general theme. And HAVE FUN!

3. POLITICS & POLITICAL CONTENT: CosMos does not allow politics or political discussion whatsoever (this includes civic, religious and cultural politics). If your post or related content breaks this rule, it will be removed. If you consistently breakthis rule, your profile and usership may also be subject to removal at the discretion of the CosMos Social Media staff.

****And before you ask; someone proclaiming themselves a Christian, or non-binary or part of any specific cultural group is NOT automatically a political statement. It only becomes political when someone attaches a political motivation/discussion to it, OR WORSE, when someone else feels the need to dispute another person’s personal proclamation of truth or self. (So live and let live, please!)

As you can imagine; there can be a lot of opinion and debate about what is political and what is not, which is why we don’t allow it here on CosMos. If you feel the unbridaled need to argue about politics, religion,culture or conspiracies: see Facebook/Parler. However if you would like to agrue about who the best James Bond was... WELCOME TO CosMos!!! ;)

4. OTHER NON-APPROVED CONTENT: The staff has the unchallenged right to remove any and all content which falls outside the intended “fandom” related motif of the CosMos platform. We know this can be a blurry line sometimes, but we have faith in your judgement.

Example: Don’t post cat videos! Unless those cats are dressed like you favorite fandom characters or something... ;)

CONCERNING NUDE CONTENT: Artistically nude or semi nude content may be allowed, but overtly pornographic or any forms of illegal nude content are expressly not allowed. All content which contains any degree of nudity will be subject to removal or approval at the discretion of the CosMos Social Media staff.  Any nude content which potentially violates the civil and/or human rights of those depicted or which is potentially illegal will be reported to applicable law enforcement agencies for investigation.

5. THE GRAY AREAS: If your content contains some kind of clever, or what you may consider to be subtle political (or non-approved content) overlap, please think twice about posting it or it may be reported and thus removed at the discretion of the CosMos Social Media staff.

6. CYBER BULLYING: Don’t do it EVER! or you will be removed at the discretion of the CosMos Social Media staff.

7. HATE SPEECH: Don’t do it EVER! or you will be removed at the discretion of the CosMos Social Media staff. NOTE: Any and all threats of violence (implied or otherwise) or hate speech which potentially violates the civil and/or human rights of any other user or targeted group will be reported to applicable law enforcement agencies for investigation.

8. SELF PROMOTION & COPYRIGHTS: We are a community of creatives, so we encourage self promotion, celebration and even commerce. CosMos currently has no specific restrictions on self promotion or commerce-based promotions as long as it does not violate the legal copyrights of others. If you are an artist, we want to see your art forms and creativity at work, just keep it respectful and DO NOT SPAM others’ pages and/or personas. IMPORTANT NOTE: You are responsible for obtaining any applicable licenses and/or copyrights which may be required for anything you may sell, post or promote.(See Terms and Conditions for legal requirements).

9. SPAM: All spam profiles and/or content will be removed and may result in removal of the user(s) responsible at the discretion of the CosMos Social Media staff.

10. EMPOWERING YOUR EXPERIENCE: We are not here to police or censor your experience on CosMos, we want you to feel invested and in control of your own experience in the CosMos community. So please employ the use of the innate functionalities of the platform when needed. We advise that if you have a bad experience with another user that you unfriend, or block them as needed to maintain your own desired level of comfort and positivity here on CosMos. We know that the criteria which constitutes the difference between trolling and bullying can vary from user to user, so again please unfriend or block anyone who you are uncomfortable with. If problems persist with a specific user, or if you feel you are being targeted against the rules of these comminuty standards, please reach out to us for help.

11. ANONYMITY & PROTECTING YOURSELF: As with all social media, it is up to you to decide what level of anonymity you wish to keep. CosMos has been designed to promote the fictional personasand online avatars we create. Any actual personal information which you choose to share with CosMos during sign up, on CosMos while using the platform,or to other users is your sole responsibility.

•Any real life contact or interactions which you may choose to allow or partake in, or any other form of contact or communication which you may choose to pursue or partake in with other users, including but limited to public or private events, are your sole responsibility and you do so at your own risk.

CosMos emphatically encourages you to stay safe and always err on the side of caution when considering interactions with anyone outside any social media platform.

12. REPORTING PROBLEMS: Even though we would like to empower you to decide for yourself who to socialize or not socialize with on CosMos, we are always here to take reports that violate the above listed community standards or other activity which may be questionable, offesive or illegal. Please reach out to the CosMos Social Media staff via the contact link on the homepage with any reports or concerns that violate these community standards.


-The CosMos Team!