CosMos Patron Appreciation
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This page is to publicly thank and acknowledge all of the amazing CosMos users who have chosen to donate from time to time when we have needed to raise funds to add key features or by small monthly donations to help CosMos keep the monthly lights on so to speak, during our grass roots phase. No matter how large or small your contribution was/is, please always know that; YOU ARE OUR HEROES!!! Thanks! The CosMos Team-
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POST YOUR BEST AND BECOME OUR BANNER! A place for post all your favoriote cosplay ANYTHING!
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THE BUG LAB (CosMos feedback)
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WELCOME TO THE BUG LAB!!! We are so honored that you've decided to have a presence here on CosMos! As with all evolving technologies we will from time to time experience bugs, this page was built for you. If you have comments, concerns, or complaints about functionality or ideas how we can better enhance your experience here, please feel free to start a discussion about appropriate subjects here on this page. Also If there are ever matters you'd like to discuss in private to maintain anonymity, please feel free to contact at admin via PM anytime! The CosMos Team-
THE ORACLE - Admin/Omni
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A place where all the best pop culture memes collide. Contribute to us, steal from us...who gives a sh%t as long as the meme's keep'a rollin'!!!
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