The Astro-Bastard
Galaxies from home, hundreds of years from his time. He is The Astro-Bastard! Hero to a few, enemy of more than he'd like to admit, and wanted by the law for a list we do not have time or room for. Always quick on draw but slow on the uptake at times, he isn't the space scoundrel you were hoping for but might be your best shot if your mission is foolish, a lost cause, or just really dangerous. But look out for imposters! See no one's really sure exactly what he looks like except those who already know him, and they ain't talking. 
Uranium Springs Neighborhood Watch (south rim)
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Recent rumors speak of nomadic raiders in a nearby community called Ashtown. The SRNW (south rim neighborhood watch) will do their best to thwart any attempt by these raiders to enter our beloved Uranium Springs through our territory.
Bone Mother